MAKBF Series Info

The Tournament Series promotes competitive freshwater kayak bass fishing in the Mid-Atlantic region.


Annual Memberships are a flat $25 for the entire season. This money serves to help run the series by purchasing tournament permits and provide great returns at award ceremonies. The tournament leadership promises that every penny will go to administration costs or back to the competitors. 


Cash will be paid out to the top 10% of anglers registered, with a minimum of 3 places paid out.

1st Place - 50% Cash

2nd Place - 30% Cash

3rd Place - 20% Cash

1-39 Participants 

 1st - 50%, 2nd - 30%, 3rd - 20%

40-49 Participants

1st - 50%, 2nd - 25%, 3rd - 15%,

4th - 10%

50-59 Participants

1st - 50%, 2nd - 25%, 3rd - 15%

4th - 7%, 5th - 3%

60- 69 Participants  

1st - 50%, 2nd - 20%, 3rd - 15%

4th - 7%, 5th - 5%, 6th - 3%

Entry Fees

$30 per event via PayPal
$5 Optional Big Bass Pot
*10 % Annual Charity
10% Angler of the Year Fund

*80% to Top 10%

2022 Big Bass

Each Event:

100% of Pot

(Must be paid prior to start of tournament)


Largest Smallmouth Bass  = TBD
Largest Largemouth Bass  = TBD

Rookie of the Year

Eligibility: Angler must not have fished in more than a total of two events in the previous 3 years of the series.

Will be awarded to the highest ranking "Rookie" in the AOTY standings

Angler of the year

Awarded at the season finale to the angler who has the most Angler of the Year Points accumulated as described below:

Points awarded at each event as listed:

1st place - 20 points, 2nd place - 19 points, 3rd place - 18 points, etc. continuing through 20th place.

21st place and beyond - 1 point for all those that score a fish during the tournament.

Big Bass - 2 Bonus AOTY Points

Total points will be calculated by adding each angler's top 5 finishes. 

In order to qualify for Angler of the Year prizes anglers must fish in a minimum of 4 events.

If there is a tie AOTY will be awarded to the individual with the better finish in the final event.