Follow this Link to Complete Rules:

As a Sanctioned KBF Partner we will follow the National KBF Rules with a few adjustments as noted below.  

Launch Point & Fishing Times

1.  Please see each individual event page on Facebook for designated launches. 

2.  ALL Competitors will launch at the designated launch time, which is defined on the event page. 

3.  Cut off for fishing is designated for each event.  Photos of fish must be submitted by "lines out" via the TourneyX app.  If you are not using TourneyX you must be in line to check in your photos by "lines out." 

4.  ALL Competitors must be back to the designated check in spot one hour after fishing cutoff or they will be DQ'd. 

5.  If you have an emergency and need to leave please contact the Tournament Director and let them know you are safe and will not be making it back. 

Catch-Photo-Release and Scoring Format

1. Please see KBF Rules for discussion on the CPR requirements and scoring.
2. The Ketch Board (Original, KetchX, Ketch Karbonate) are the only standard measuring devices (must provide your own)

3. Ketch Board is required to have a sticker or marking of some nature on the fence. 

4. Total length in inches of 5 total fish - Largemouth Bass or Smallmouth Bass (Minimum Length of 12")

General Rules

1. NO competitors are to be within 10 yards of each other during fish-time; except in the case of emergency when assistance is required.

2. NO fish are to be kept on stringers.

3. Any ONE fish can only be submitted ONCE.

4. Fishing in OFF-LIMITS areas will result in disqualification.

5. Kayaks and Paddleboards are eligible fishing platforms. Only ONE competitor per fishing platform.

6. Electric Trolling motors are allowed.

7. Follow all state rules and regulations.

8. Artificial Lures Only.

9.  Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) must be worn at all times.  Only those that around the upper body are to be used, no waist floatation devices. 

Check In

1. ALL competitor camera memory cards must be turned into Director and Staff if anglers are not using the live scoring at TourneyX by check in time.

2. ONLY the Tournament Director and MAKBF designated staff will be involved in the judging process.

3. Must be in line to check-in at the designated end time.


1. Competitor photos will be reviewed and scored by Tournament Director and MAKBF designated staff.
          a. Photos that do not meet the requirements as provided will not count.
          b. The Tournament Director and MAKBF staff will be solely responsible and retain the right to declare any photo as “unacceptable”.

2. Winners will be declared and prizes/awards will be announced by the Tournament Director.

3. The Tournament will then be declared complete.



Identifier can be found 8 to a sheet on this Google Drive Link: