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The Top 5 in 2019 AOTY Points Not Already Qualified Will Qualify For The 2020 KBF National Championship.

2019 Angler of the Year Prizes

2019 Angler of the Year Prizes

1st Place : Angler of the Year Cash
2nd Place: TBD
3rd Place:  TBD            
4th Place:  TBD  
5th Place:  TBD
6th Place:  TBD
7th Place:  TBD
8th Place:  TBD

9th Place:  TBD
10th Place: TBD

2019 Rookie of the Year Prizes

1st Place: TBD
2nd Place: TBD
3rd Place: TBD
4th Place:  TBD

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Mid-Atlantic Kayak Bass Fishing Series

Mid-Atlantic Kayak 

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