Upcoming Events
Sat, Apr 18
Location is TBD
MAKBF Season Opener Event #1 Upper Chesapeake
First event of the season! Upper Chesapeake Bay! Exact Location and boundaries TBD.
Sat, May 09
Aquia Creek
MAKBF Series Event #2 Aquia Creek
Location two is home to some true lunkers! Beautiful Aquia Creek!
Sat, Jun 20
Rocky Gorge Reservoir
MAKBF Series Event #3 Rocky Gorge Reservoir
A true test of skill! Rocky Gorge plays her cards close! Can you play a winning hand?
Sat, Jul 11
Little Seneca Lake
MAKBF Series Event #4 Little Seneca Lake
An incredible fishery full of potential!
Sat, Aug 08
MAKBF Series Event #5 Potomac River
Running borders from Cumberland to Spring Gap, this stretch of river is sure to produce some action!
Sat, Sep 12
Mattawoman Creek
MAKBF Series Event #6 Mattawoman Creek
It doesn't matter what type of water you prefer, Mattawoman has something for everyone! Come work the pads and see if you can get 'em!
Sat, Oct 10
MAKBF Season Finale Delaware Waters
Any eligible waters in Delaware. See how your honey hole holds up against those across the state!

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